Misting Systems

Mosquito Mist Systems offers the MistAway Gen 1.3 drum based & Gen III+ tankless misting systems.  Rest assured you are purchasing the most reliable and highest quality product in it's class.  Mosquito Mist systems are weather tough, easy to use, and offer important features including:

Gen III+ Tankless Misting System

The Gen III+ is an attractive, state of the art, tankless outdoor misting system. This misting system is friendlier to consumers and offers more flexibility and control over the products that are misted. It is small and lightweight and can easily be placed anywhere in your yard that is convenient to a hose bib and electrical outlet.

Gen III+ is convenient, simply snap in a cartidge of botanical insecticide and the automated controller does all the work. Each time the system is activated, Gen III+ precisely mixes a fresh batch from the concentrate. The Pro-cap on the cartridge tells Gen III+ the proper dose of insecticide to address your insect problem.

Gen III is smart, it is the only system on the market that can detect a leak in the nozzle circuit. If it does detect a leak, it lets you know by blinking the LED light on the outside of the housing. It also suspends future mist cycles until the leak is fixed, saving you money on waisted insecticide.

The agitator on the Gen III+ and 1.3 mix the solution prior to each mist. Unless it is agitated, the insecticide tends to settle. The agitator keeps the insecticide from separating which allows for a consistent blend with each mist.

Gen 1.3 Drum Based Misting System

Don’t let the fifty five gallon drum in our traditional unit, Gen 1.3. fool you.  We’ve engineered this system with the same quality and attention to detail that goes into our Gen III+ tankless system. A molded plastic enclosure and soft waterproof cover provide weather tough protection for the system’s proprietary controller and other components. Before each programmed mist, an agitation cycle is activated to keep the insecticide solution well mixed and ensure that the concentration of the first mist is the same as the last. Like Gen III+, this unit can also be fitted with a number of options, including leak detection, a zone kit (increasing the number of nozzles it can supply), a wind sensor and the iMistAway mobile module.