We now offer iMIstAway, the revolutionary internet based monitoring module for the Gen 1.3 & Gen III series misting systems.  

Mosquito Mist Systems can remotely monitor and manage your misting system in real time.  In the event of an error with your system, a tripped breaker or leak in the nozzle circuit as a couple examples, the module automatically sends notification to Mosquito Mist Systems that your system is reporting a problem.  In short of refilling your system, every function can be remotely accessed via the module.  This means that any spray schedules, product level updates, and firmware updates can now all be accessed remotely.  iMistAway can pay for itself in preventing service calls.

The second feature of the iMistAway module is the mobile app.  As a Mosquito Mist System customer, you will be able to access your system from your smartphone or mobile device.  Features such as remote mist, stop mist, skip mist, and request service are available from the application anywhere you have internet access.  Have a friend interested in a Mosquito Mist System?  You can now refer a friend through our mobile application as well.